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Khara Naama Ugadi

This year Ugadi will be celebrated in Mauritius on 4 April 2011. In Mauritius Ugadi is a national festival and it is public holiday. The Telugus give a lot of importance to this festival because it the first festival in the Telugu calender. Telugus also believe that Ugadi marks the beginning of time and the creation of the universe and offerings to the Almighty plays a primordial place. All temples will be crowed with devotees of the Lord and devotees will also partake of the special preparation known as Ugadi Pacchadi. Cultural programmes are held in every place and one such programme was held yesterday in Quatre Bornes.

All the Telugu associations of Q. Bornes in collaboration with the municipality of the town organised a cultural show to mark the arrival of Khara Naama Ugadi. Eminent personalities were present and the Mayor of the Town Mrs Oxenam gave a wonderful speech on that occasion and she was widely applauded.

Many children, youngsters and elders of different associations participated in the cultural show. Those who attended got a good glimpse of the Telugu culture as practice in Mauritius. The show was made for all the age groups. There were Kuchipudi dance , devotional songs, poems recitation, folk dances, potpouri, speeches and  modern Telugu dance by energetic  youngsters of the town of Q Bornes. The audience was presented a brief on every item of the programme by four talented, charming young girls namely, Meera, Ravishna, Reshma snd Aswina. They shared equal responsibilities in presenting the programme and they spared no effort to entertained the audience at every moment it was needed. Hats off to all the four angels. It was mind blowing.

A few snaps for your appreciation.

Did you know that Ugadi Pacchadi is a traditional vaccination used by our ancestors?

Just look at the content of these ingredients of the Pacchadi and their medicinal value.

Fresh Mango Helps formation of new cells, increases body resistance against many diseases and acts as antiseptic.

Tamarind Lowers cholesterol, provides protection against colds, cures bile disorders and promote healthy heart.

Neem flowerCures skin infections, and it is used as an astringent and manufacture of facial cream.

Jaggery Acts as a cleansing agent, regulates blood pressure, helps body get rid of toxins, use since ancient times to treat dry cough, and has strong anti oxidant properties.

Salt Helps regulate blood pressure, helps keep calcium and other minerals in the blood, helps regulate muscle contractions.

Chilly –  It is a good pain killer, is full of vitamin C.

A mixture of all these ingredients will be a sort of a new drug to treat viral infections. Did our ancestors have better knowledge of treating health problems in their days? What have we lost? A proper research need to be done by those concerned to prove this fact. A challenge to scientific research now!!!!!

Do not forget to taste this Ugadi pacchadi..

Happy Ugadi  2011



  1. Happy Ugadi!

    Thanks for this informative and entertaining post. I was not familiar with Ugadi pachadi previously and found this recipe online that will help me make Ugadi pachadi at home:

  2. I am pleased indeed to learn of the way my home town Telugu compatriots marked this special occasion.My best wishes to them all as we move into this new year being willing to work harder and make our country a loving and peaceful place. Hats off to you all!!

    Our ancestors carried out mass vaccination in a pleasant way once a year to keep diseases away. We thank them for passing on this tradition.
    Greetings from the Telugus of Scotland.
    Dr DBLingiah

  3. […] In Mauritius Ugadi is celebrated by the Telugu but also by other Hindus as this festival signifies the beginning of a new year, a new season and is associated to the time when the universe was created by the Almighty Hindu god Brahma. The Ugadi Pacchadi is distributed to families and friends. To read more about this festival you can check this blog here. […]

  4. Happy Ougadi to you too!!
    May God always bless U>>

  5. Happy ugaadi to all annas and appas.Continue your good work.

  6. In the beginning only Telugus were celebrating Ugadi. Since a few years now other Hindu ethnic groups in Mauritius say that they also celebrate this festival because this day mark the beginning of the new calender. This is very good sign of understanding and unity among Hindus. Some do a little Puja in the temples and majority of the so called Hindus with the exception of the Telugus do not celebrate. Just make a survey and you will get the answer. The Telugus have been celebrating Ugadi in a very popular manner since 70 BC. This is history, during the reign of the Satavahana rule in India Ugadi became more popular. In India there is no sign of celebration except in the state of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. The Marathis celebrate Gudi Parva, creation of the universe by Bhrama.

  7. Happy Ugadi to you. May this Ugadi brings you love, luck peace and prosperity.

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